Data and Tacos is inspired by my “if I had a bajillion dollars” plan to have a hybrid food truck/mobile educational science lab, and the ability to wake up each morning and decide whether I go out and make tacos or do science with kids that day. I’ll mostly be writing about data here, but sometimes, it’ll be about tacos (or possibly other random topics).

About me

I’m Amanda Alvarez. I’ve been working in data and computational science in a variety of capacities for … a long time - in remote sensing/geophysics, data for good, civic tech, finance, and more. I have strong opinions about data quality and healthy data operations. Aside from my day job, I’m also homeschooling my three awesome elementary school aged kiddos.
My hobbies include various fiber arts, bee-having, climbing, baking, being outside (now that I live in Colorado instead of Houston), and helping my kids explore new hobbies of their own.

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Mostly, I write about data. But sometimes, all I want to talk about are tacos.


Amanda Alvarez

I’ve been working in various data and computational science capacities for … a long time. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, various fiber arts, bee-having, climbing, baking, being outside, tacos, and helping my kids explore new hobbies.